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TEKKEMTM Lime Slaking System is the best choice due to low energy consumption,
simple dust free handling and minimal need for maintenance.
Hydrated lime normally costs about 30% more compared with quicklime. So your own effective lime slaking system quickly gives good economy.
TEKKEMTM lime slaking systems are used in facilities with high standards of precision and quality, and the system has very low operating and maintenance costs.

The accuracy of the TEKKEMTM slaker is made possible by the
precise weighing system. This ensures a very high
repeatability of each batch and ensures that the chemical
reaction is always carried out under optimal conditions.

The control system monitors the effective temperature and
automatically compensates for variations in the water supply.
The construction is completely enclosed and has a system for
continuously cleaning of the slakers inside.
The dust-free performance contributes to a clean environment
inside and around the plant.
The precise dosage of lime slurry is made possible by
flow measurement to accurately meter a predetermined amount
of lime from the slaker or the circulation loop.
The speed of the lime slurry in the circulation loop exceeds at all times the critical speed required to minimize extension of lime in the pipes.
This gives a minimal need for maintenance.

The precision and accuracy TEKKEMTM systems offer gives you
automatic dosing and constant pH despite variations in load or other system-specific criteria’s.

TEKKEMTM Chemical Processing Plants is installed on waterworks, sewage treatment plants, gas treatment plants, in the mining and paper industry, for wood and plaster manufactures.
The system contains several patented solutions and is
market leader in the United States.

Contact Röbäcks Sweden AB for more information.
We market and install equipment and technology from
TEKKEMTM in Europe.





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